Does Debenhams Ship Internationally?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on August 24, 2023

Once a household name on every British high street, department store Deenhams shut down in 2021. The brand is now still running, but in an online capacity online and, unfortunately, its shipping is limited to the UK. For international shoppers or those residing outside the UK who wish to purchase from, you will need to use a package forwarding company like Forward2Me. These services provide a UK shipping address, allowing worldwide shoppers to access and enjoy products from this iconic British brand.

Using a Package Forwarding Company to Shop at Debenhams

For those residing outside the UK but eager to shop from the iconic Debenhams online store, package forwarding services offer a seamless solution. One such service that has gained popularity among international shoppers is Forward2me.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Registration: Begin by signing up with Forward2me. Upon registration, you’ll receive a dedicated UK address. This address acts as your personal receiving point for all your UK-based shopping.
  2. Shopping at Debenhams: Head over to and shop to your heart’s content. At checkout, use the UK address provided by Forward2me as your delivery address.
  3. Receiving and Forwarding: Once your Debenhams order arrives at the Forward2me warehouse, they’ll notify you. From here, you can instruct them on forwarding your package to your actual address, wherever that might be in the world.
  4. Customization: Forward2me offers additional services such as consolidating multiple orders into one shipment or repackaging items for safer transit. This can be especially useful if you’re shopping from multiple UK retailers.
  5. Delivery: After confirming the forwarding details and making the necessary payment, Forward2me will dispatch your Debenhams order to your international address. They partner with trusted global couriers, ensuring timely and secure delivery.

Using Forward2me, or similar package forwarding services, not only allows you to access Debenhams’ vast online collection but also broadens your shopping horizons, enabling you to explore and purchase from other UK-based retailers that might have geographical shipping restrictions. It’s a game-changer for international shoppers, bridging the gap between desire and accessibility.

What happened to Debenhams?

Debenhams, with its rich history spanning over two centuries, has been a cornerstone of British retail. Established in 1778 with a single store in London, it expanded its presence across the UK, Denmark, and the Republic of Ireland, eventually boasting 178 locations. The brand became synonymous with middle-to-high-end clothing, beauty products, household items, and furniture. Its flagship store on Oxford Street, London, not only served as a shopping destination but also housed the company’s headquarters in its later years.

However, the retail landscape is ever-evolving, and Debenhams faced its share of challenges. In a significant turn of events in January 2021, the online retail giant Boohoo acquired the Debenhams brand and its website for £55m. This acquisition marked a shift in Debenhams’ trajectory, transitioning it from a brick-and-mortar retail giant to an online-only entity. Boohoo’s decision to focus solely on the online platform meant the closure of physical Debenhams stores, leading to the unfortunate loss of up to 12,000 jobs. By April 2021, under Boohoo’s stewardship, was relaunched, and the remaining physical stores commenced their closing down sales, culminating in their final closure in May 2021.