Let’s Compare: The 7 Best US Package Forwarding Services

By James / Last modified on September 18, 2023

In the vast realm of online shopping, the United States stands as a colossal giant, boasting a myriad of stores that cater to every conceivable taste and preference. From the tech wonders of Best Buy to the fashion-forward collections of Nordstrom and Macy’s to all-rounders like Amazon and eBay, the US retail landscape is a treasure trove for shoppers worldwide, especially on Black Friday.

However, there’s a catch that often dampens the spirits of international enthusiasts: not all US stores offer global shipping. This is where package forwarding services come to the rescue, ensuring that the vast American marketplace is accessible to all, regardless of geographical boundaries.

In essence, package forwarding services have revolutionized the way the world shops from the US. No longer are international shoppers limited by shipping restrictions. With a US shipping address in hand, the doors to American retail swing wide open, inviting the world to partake in the grand shopping experience that the United States offers.

The following are the most popular parcel forwarding services in the US that ship worldwide.


Visit Forward2me.com

Forward2me is one of the largest package forwarding services worldwide, offering shipping addresses in the UK, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and Delaware in the US. From there you can forward your packages onto more than 200 countries worldwide.

With no annual fee, customers only pay per use, and the company’s website features a handy shipping calculator to estimate potential costs. Renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction, forward2me provides a US address for global shoppers to receive goods from various retailers. They offer multiple shipping options, real-time package tracking, and a comprehensive duty calculator to anticipate additional fees. Their blend of reliability and transparency has made them a preferred choice for accessing the UK’s expansive retail market.


Visit Stackry.com

They’re also offering $10 off the shipping costs of your first order.

For global shoppers looking to access the vast assortment of goods available in the United States, Stackry offers an invaluable service. Stackry is a small, but growing, parcel forwarding service that offers shoppers around the world an address in Nashua, USA. You may not have heard of Nashua before, but all you need to know is that Nashua is a tax-free zone – allowing you to save roughly 7% on your initial shopping costs.

What sets Stackry apart is its emphasis on customizability and savings. Recognizing the potential high costs associated with international shipping, Stackry offers a package consolidation service. This allows customers to store multiple purchases in their personal Stackry locker for up to 45 days, then have these items shipped out in a single consolidated package, thus considerably reducing shipping costs. Furthermore, the company is transparent about its fee structure, charging only for shipping and any optional added services, without any hidden membership fees.

In addition to cost efficiency, Stackry values its customer’s trust. They ensure that every package is treated with care, offering repackaging services to minimize the risk of damage during transit. With a user-friendly website, easy tracking options, and a dedicated customer support team, Stackry has cemented its position as a reliable bridge between US retailers and global consumers.

Planet Express

Planet Express is an emerging and reliable name in the package forwarding industry, dedicated to making international shopping seamless and cost-effective. With strategically located warehouses in the United States, it has positioned itself as a go-to service for shoppers worldwide wanting to access US-based stores that don’t traditionally ship to their home countries. By providing users with a US address, Planet Express enables customers to shop freely and then have their purchases forwarded to almost any corner of the globe.

Planet Express is one of the best package forwarding companies in the US. The main reason for this is that they allow you to ship smaller items via the US Postal Service rather than having to use a courier. This is great if you want to send small, cheap items like books and DVDs. Their rates for larger and heavier items is often cheaper than many of their competitors as well.

They also offer value-added services such as package consolidation, wherein multiple orders are combined into a single shipment to save on shipping costs, and a photo service which allows you to view your items before they’re shipped. Furthermore, their customer service is renowned for its responsiveness, assisting users at every stage of the shipping process. The company’s user-friendly interface, both on its website and mobile app, coupled with competitive pricing, makes Planet Express a favorite among international shoppers seeking access to the vast US market.

Visit Planet Express


As the demand for products exclusively available in the U.S. has grown internationally, Shipito has emerged as a leading package forwarding service, offering a straightforward solution for international customers. By providing individuals with a U.S.-based address, Shipito ensures that shoppers can freely explore and purchase from American retailers, even those that don’t traditionally offer international shipping options. This enables customers worldwide to access a broader range of products, from unique fashion pieces to innovative tech gadgets that might not yet be available in their home countries.

Shipito offers customers both an address in the US and an address in the EU, with several different locations to choose from in the US. Like many other companies, Shipito offers both a free and premium membership.

A standout feature of Shipito is its commitment to affordability. Recognizing the often-prohibitive costs of international shipping, Shipito offers a valuable consolidation service. Customers can receive multiple parcels at their Shipito address, then consolidate them into a single package for shipment, leading to significant savings. This is especially beneficial for those who like to shop from different retailers but don’t want to pay multiple international shipping fees.

Visit Shipito.com


One of the pioneers in the package forwarding industry, MyUS has been instrumental in changing the way global consumers shop from U.S. retailers. Established in 1997, the company boasts of decades of experience and has served millions of shoppers from over 220 countries, making it one of the most recognized and trusted names in the industry. By providing customers with a dedicated U.S. address, MyUS has effectively broadened the shopping horizons for international buyers, allowing them to indulge in U.S. brands and products without being physically present in the country.

MyUS’s dedication to a simplified and efficient shopping experience is evident in its suite of user-friendly tools and services. One notable feature is their TruePrice™ system, which promises straightforward, weight-based pricing without additional charges based on package size or volume, eliminating unpleasant surprises at the checkout. Moreover, MyUS understands the value of choice and flexibility, offering various shipping options tailored to different budgets and urgency levels. They’ve also partnered with many major global couriers, ensuring swift and reliable deliveries to their customers.

Beyond logistics, the company is driven by a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. Their Premium membership, for instance, offers not only discounted shipping rates but also 30 days of free storage, allowing customers to consolidate packages and save further on shipping costs. With its combination of experience, dedication to transparent pricing, and a comprehensive suite of features, MyUS stands out as a premier choice for international shoppers looking to tap into the vast U.S. market.

Those who shop with MyUS can now also save 7% on purchases at US stores thanks to MyUS’s tax-free postcode, making it one of the most popular package forwarding services in the US.

MyUS offers two styles of memberships: a free membership and a paid-premium membership for those that regularly buy from US online stores. There’s also the mail addon, which allows you to use your MyUS address as a mailbox and have it forwarded onto you wherever you are in the world.

Visit MyUS.com


ForwardMe offers a US address in either Delaware or New Jersey. There are different pricing levels, but most people will be fine with ForwardMe’s free option which is ideal for occasional shopping. ForwardMe offers a number of services such as package repacking, content photos, invoice removals, insurance, and custom forms declarations. Packages can be sent to over 220 countries or just about anywhere in the world.

Visit ForwardMe.com


Viabox emerges as a competitive player in the package forwarding landscape, boasting a seamless way for international consumers to shop from U.S. online retailers. Recognizing the challenges faced by non-U.S. shoppers, from limited product availability to exorbitant international shipping fees, Viabox set out to offer a solution that breaks down these barriers, facilitating an easier and more cost-effective shopping process.

At the heart of Viabox’s offerings is its free U.S. address, provided to all registered users. This address allows customers to shop at their leisure, granting access to stores that typically don’t offer international shipping. Once the purchases are sent to the Viabox warehouse, the company showcases its strength in package consolidation. By expertly combining multiple purchases into a single shipment, Viabox can notably reduce the overall shipping costs, offering customers significant savings. This is further complemented by their commitment to keeping shipping rates affordable, ensuring that international shoppers can enjoy U.S. products without the burden of excessive costs.

But it’s not just about low rates; Viabox prides itself on transparency and efficiency. The company’s platform offers real-time tracking, detailed photos of items upon arrival, and an easy-to-use interface for managing shipments. This attention to detail, combined with competitive pricing and customer-oriented services, places Viabox as a top choice for many international consumers keen on accessing the U.S. market. There’s also no sales tax to pay when using their Oregon warehouse, which reduces the cost of your shop by around 7%.

Visit Viabox.com

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