Does M&S Ship Internationally?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on December 7, 2023

Shopping globally has become increasingly accessible, and Marks & Spencer (M&S), a renowned UK-based retailer, is no exception to this trend. This begs the all-important question: does M&S ship internationally? Yes, M&S delivers to a number of countries worldwide and they even have established specific websites for different countries, making it easier for international shoppers to access their wide range of quality clothing, home products, and luxury food items.

If you want to shop at M&S from outside the UK, visit If you are unable to shop at M&S from your country, or there’s an item on the UK store that you are unable to get shipped internationally, consider using a package forwarding company like Forward2Me.

Let’s explore how you can enjoy the quintessential M&S shopping experience, no matter where you are in the world.

Similar Stores

If you’re looking for UK stores similar to Marks & Spencer (M&S) with a focus on quality clothing, beauty products, home goods, and food items, consider exploring these options:

  1. John Lewis & Partners: Offering a similar upscale shopping experience, John Lewis is known for its extensive range of quality clothing, home products, and beauty items, along with a strong emphasis on customer service.
  2. Selfridges: This high-end department store offers a luxurious shopping experience with a wide range of premium clothing, beauty products, and gourmet food items, catering to a similar market as M&S.
  3. Debenhams: A well-known department store chain, Debenhams offers a wide selection of clothing, beauty products, and home items. It’s a one-stop shop for quality goods, much like M&S.
  4. House of Fraser: This store is renowned for its extensive range of luxury clothing, beauty products, and home furnishings. House of Fraser’s emphasis on quality and variety aligns closely with M&S’s offerings.
  5. Harrods: As one of the world’s most famous department stores, Harrods in London provides an upscale shopping experience with an extensive range of high-end products, including gourmet food, akin to M&S’s luxury offerings.
  6. Fenwick: Known for its luxury goods and designer brands, Fenwick offers a curated selection of clothing, beauty products, and home items, catering to a similar clientele as M&S.
  7. Fortnum & Mason: While more focused on food and gourmet items, Fortnum & Mason also offers a range of high-quality gifts, beauty products, and home accessories, paralleling M&S’s luxury food and diverse product range.
  8. Liberty London: Famous for its floral prints and luxury goods, Liberty offers a unique range of high-end clothing, beauty products, and home decor items, providing an alternative upscale shopping experience.

Each of these stores offers a unique blend of products and services, but they all share M&S’s commitment to quality and a diverse product range, making them great alternatives for those who enjoy shopping at Marks & Spencer.

About M&S

  • Origins and Founders: Marks and Spencer plc, affectionately known as M&S or “Marks & Sparks,” was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds. This marked the beginning of a journey that would see M&S become a cornerstone of British retail.
  • Specialization and Offerings: M&S has established itself as a major multinational retailer, with its headquarters in Paddington, London. The retailer specializes in a variety of products, including clothing, beauty products, home products, and food products. Each category is curated to reflect quality and luxury, a hallmark of the M&S brand.
  • Store Presence and Food Retailing: Across the UK, M&S has a strong presence with 959 stores, of which 615 are dedicated solely to food products. Their food products are well-known for their exclusivity and luxury, aspects often highlighted in their television advertising.
  • Online Presence and Food Delivery Service: Embracing the digital era, M&S offers an online food delivery service, which operates through a joint venture with Ocado. This service allows customers to experience M&S’s high-quality food offerings with the convenience of online ordering and home delivery.

M&S’s commitment to quality, combined with its wide range of products and innovative delivery options, continues to make it a preferred choice for shoppers both in the UK and internationally.