Does Screwfix Deliver Internationally?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on December 8, 2023

If you’re a tradesperson or just doing a little DIY, you may have come across the exact tool you need on Screwfix, one of the UK’s leading DIY stores. But does Screwfix ship internationally?

Yes, Screwfix delivers an extensive range of over 5,000 products to a diverse array of European countries, including Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Sweden. Customers in these countries can seamlessly access their vast inventory by visiting, an online portal tailored to meet their specific needs.

Furthermore, Screwfix extends its reach to the Republic of Ireland and France, offering dedicated websites and, respectively. These country-specific platforms ensure a localized shopping experience, making it easier for customers in these regions to browse, select, and receive the products they need with the reliability and efficiency that Screwfix is known for.

Help! The Product I want is on

For those shoppers who have discovered the perfect product on but find it unavailable on the international websites, there’s a convenient solution to bridge this gap: utilizing a package forwarding service. A prime example of such a service is, which offers a straightforward and efficient way to get your desired items delivered, regardless of your location.

Here’s how to navigate this process:

  1. Sign Up with a Package Forwarding Service: Start by creating an account on This service provides you with a UK address, which you can use for your purchases on
  2. Shopping on Shop as usual on When it’s time to check out, use the UK address provided by Forward2me as your delivery address.
  3. Package Handling by Forward2me: Once your order reaches the Forward2me warehouse in the UK, they will notify you. At this point, you can manage your shipment through your Forward2me account. This includes choosing your preferred international shipping method and handling any necessary customs paperwork.
  4. Check Product Restrictions: Before proceeding, it’s crucial to ensure that Forward2me can handle your specific product. Some items may have shipping restrictions due to their nature or size. Review Forward2me’s guidelines and restrictions to confirm that your chosen products can be shipped to your country.
  5. International Shipping: Once everything is in order, Forward2me will ship the package from the UK to your international address. The duration and cost will depend on the shipping method you’ve selected.

Using a package forwarding service like effectively opens up the vast inventory of to international customers, circumventing the limitations of regional product availability. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of global e-commerce solutions, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not hinder access to the right tools and supplies for your projects.

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About Screwfix

Screwfix stands as a distinguished entity within the family of Kingfisher plc, a global force in the home improvement arena. Kingfisher, an international home improvement company, boasts an impressive portfolio of over 1,400 stores spread across 10 European countries and Turkey. This expansive network is bolstered by the dedicated efforts of a robust team comprising over 80,000 colleagues, each committed to delivering excellence in their respective roles. For a deeper insight into the company’s broad spectrum of operations and contributions, interested individuals are encouraged to visit

At its core, Screwfix is engineered to embody convenience, simplicity, and affordability. These principles are meticulously woven into every aspect of its service, ensuring that trade customers can execute their projects swiftly, economically, and with a guarantee of quality from the first attempt. Screwfix’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its vast product range, which includes essentials like power tools, workwear, cables, and pipe fittings.

With a staggering array of over 10,000 products readily available for pickup from more than 855 stores across the UK, Screwfix ensures that customers are never far from the tools they need. Furthermore, the company’s extensive catalogue, comprising over 54,000 products, is accessible through various channels – customers can place orders over the phone, online, or directly at a local store.