Does Walmart Offer International Shipping?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on December 13, 2023

For those inquiring, “Does Walmart offer international shipping?” the answer is that Walmart, one of the largest retail chains globally, does not provide direct international shipping for its vast range of products. While Walmart operates in numerous countries, its online platform,, primarily caters to customers within the United States. However, international customers can still access Walmart’s products by using a package forwarding service.

Using a Package Forwarding Service for Walmart Purchases

If you’re located outside the United States and wish to purchase items from Walmart, here’s how you can use a package forwarding service:

  1. Choose a Forwarding Service: Sign up with a package forwarding service like Forward2me to obtain a U.S. shipping address.
  2. Shop at Walmart: Make your purchases on using the U.S. address provided by the forwarding service.
  3. Forward Your Parcel: The forwarding service receives your order and then ships it to your international location.
  4. Customs and Import Charges: Be mindful that customs and import charges may apply, and these are typically the responsibility of the recipient.

Remember that while most items can be shipped using such services, there may be restrictions on certain products, so it’s advisable to check the terms of the service and Walmart’s policies. It’s unlikely, for example, that you’ll be able to ship fresh produce internationally. However, you should be able to ship most electronic or non-perishable items with a package forwarding company.

About Walmart

Walmart, founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas, has grown into one of the world’s largest retailers, known for its wide selection and low prices. Walmart’s commitment to affordability and variety has made it a household name, with a strong presence both in physical stores and online.

  • Extensive Product Range: Walmart offers a diverse array of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and home goods.
  • Global Reach: While its international shipping options are limited, Walmart operates numerous stores in several countries around the world.
  • Innovative Retailing: Continuously adapting to consumer needs, Walmart has been at the forefront of retail innovation, including online shopping, pickup services, and sustainability initiatives.

Although Walmart does not offer direct international shipping, the use of package forwarding services provides a workaround for international customers to access its vast product offerings.