Does B&B Photo Deliver Internationally?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on December 13, 2023

Yes, B&H Photo, a leading retailer for photography and video equipment, offers international shipping to a wide range of global destinations. This makes it possible for customers worldwide to access their extensive collection of cameras, electronics, and more. However, there are certain exceptions and conditions based on location. For a comprehensive understanding of their international shipping policies, you can visit B&H Photo’s International Shipping page.

International Shipping Exceptions at B&H Photo

While B&H Photo’s global shipping reach is extensive, there are some exceptions. The retailer currently does not ship to the following countries:

  • Iran
  • Sudan
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Uganda

B&H Alternatives

If you want to avoid import charges, consider shopping locally. The following stores are some of the most popular in their respective locations. Of course, even with import charges and taxes, sometimes shopping at a US-based store is cheaper.

United Kingdom (UK)

  1. Jessops: A leading photography store offering a wide range of cameras, lenses, and accessories. Visit Jessops
  2. Wex Photo Video: Known for a comprehensive selection of photographic and video equipment. Visit Wex Photo Video
  3. Park Cameras: Offers an extensive range of photography gear and provides expert advice. Visit Park Cameras


  1. JB Hi-Fi: A popular electronics retailer that includes a good selection of cameras and accessories. Visit JB Hi-Fi
  2. Ted’s Cameras: Specializes in cameras and photography equipment, offering a variety of brands. Visit Ted’s Cameras
  3. Camera House: Offers a wide range of photographic products and services across Australia. Visit Camera House


  1. Foto Erhardt: A well-known photography store with a wide selection of cameras and accessories. Visit Foto Erhardt
  2. Calumet Photographic: Offers a vast range of photography equipment and expert advice. Visit Calumet Photographic
  3. Foto Koch: A popular choice for photographers, known for its extensive product range and expertise. Visit Foto Koch

New Zealand

  1. Photo Warehouse: New Zealand’s largest photography retailer, known for its wide range of products. Visit Photo Warehouse
  2. Rubber Monkey: Specializes in professional photography and video equipment. Visit Rubber Monkey
  3. Camera & Camera: Offers a comprehensive selection of cameras and photographic gear. Visit Camera & Camera


  1. Conns Cameras: One of Ireland’s leading photography equipment retailers, offering a variety of cameras and accessories. Visit Conns Cameras
  2. Bermingham Cameras: Known for its range of photographic equipment and knowledgeable staff. Visit Bermingham Cameras
  3. Camera Centre: Offers a wide range of photography gear and printing services. Visit Camera Centre

Each of these stores provides a good mix of product availability, expertise, and customer service, making them excellent local alternatives to B&H Photo in their respective countries.

About B&H Photo

B&H Photo Video, based in New York City, is a significant player in the world of photo and video equipment. Known for its vast inventory and expertise, B&H has been a preferred destination for both professional and amateur photographers and videographers for many years.

  • Wide Range of Products: B&H offers a diverse array of products, including cameras, video equipment, lighting, and audio gear.
  • Expertise and Customer Service: Renowned for its knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service, B&H provides valuable guidance and support to its customers.
  • Commitment to the Photography Community: B&H is deeply embedded in the photography and videography communities, offering educational content and workshops.

B&H Photo’s international shipping capabilities ensure that customers across the globe have access to high-quality photography and video equipment, despite a few geographic exceptions.