Worldwide Shopping Guide is a website dedicated to travel and shopping, and the point where the two intersect. Shopping is a big part of travel, whether it’s the essential pre-trip purchase of a new rucksack or suitcase, buying a new camera on the road because your old one gave up, or specifically travelling to a new destination to buy a product that comes from there (spices in India, watches in Switzerland, or shoes in Italy, for example).

Worldwide Shopping Guide provides in-depth guides for shopping trips like these, covering the best shops to visit, places to stay, and other things to do when you’re not busy shopping.

About James

James is a travel writer who has written for a number of travel blogs and travel publications. He has travelled (and shopped) extensively, particularly in Europe and SE Asia. He launched Worldwide Shopping Guide as a resource where he, and other contributors, could share their shopping and travel knowledge in one place.

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