Let’s Compare: The Best package Forwarding Services in Spain

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on August 26, 2023

Spain, with its rich tapestry of history and vibrant contemporary culture, is a burgeoning hub in the realm of online shopping. From the artisanal crafts of Andalusia to the fashion-forward boutiques of Madrid and Barcelona, Spain offers a shopping experience that’s both diverse and deeply rooted in its traditions. However, for many global enthusiasts with a penchant for Spanish products, there’s a common challenge: not all Spanish retailers ship their unique offerings internationally. This is where package forwarding services come to the forefront, connecting Spain’s retail treasures with eager shoppers worldwide.

The allure of Spanish shopping isn’t confined to its traditional products. Brands like Zara and Mango have taken the fashion world by storm, while stores like El Corte Inglés offer a wide range of products, from electronics to gourmet foods. For those residing outside of Spain but keen to indulge in its retail delights, package forwarding companies are the gateway. By providing a local Spanish shipping address, these services ensure that the vibrant and varied offerings of Spain’s market are accessible to an international audience.

In essence, package forwarding services have unlocked the doors to Spain’s retail wonders. With a Spanish shipping address at their fingertips, global shoppers can now immerse themselves in the rich and varied retail landscape of Spain, bringing a touch of the Iberian Peninsula to their homes.


For those dipping their toes into the world of international online shopping from Spain, Spainbox Standard is a fantastic starting point. Designed especially for individuals eager to experience Spainbox’s forwarding prowess, this plan offers a range of services tailored to your needs.

While the plan doesn’t allow for consolidation or repackaging, it offers a plethora of other services to ensure your shopping experience is seamless. Want a sneak peek of your package? Get a photo. Need to inspect the contents? That’s also available. And if you’re concerned about privacy, Spainbox has got you covered. They can remove labels take out the invoice.

Handling your packages comes at a modest fee of 3 € each, and all those other services, like getting a photo, have small fees, but the cherry on top is the generous 30 days of free storage. This gives you ample time to decide on forwarding, especially if you’re waiting for multiple packages. However, if you’re in a hurry, the express processing option is available.

For those looking to receive letters through Spainbox, it’s possible at a 3 € fee. Basically, this is a good plan if you’re just looking to try parcel forwarding out or need it for a one-off delivery. Their paid membership plan is better for those that want to receive regular orders.


When it comes to package forwarding from Spain, shipping-address-spain.com offers a robust suite of services that cater to a variety of needs. Let’s dive into what they bring to the table and see how they stack up against Spainbox.

Like Spainbox, shipping-address-spain.com charges a handling fee for each package, ensuring that your items are treated with care from the moment they arrive. While Spainbox offers a generous 30 days of free storage, shipping-address-spain.com charges a daily fee for storing your packages. This might be something to consider if you’re planning to accumulate multiple items over time.

Where shipping-address-spain.com truly shines is in its additional services. Unlike Spainbox’s Standard plan, which doesn’t allow repackaging or consolidation, shipping-address-spain.com offers both. This means you can combine multiple purchases into a single package, potentially saving on shipping costs.

If you’re shopping from outside the European Union or the UK, there’s a special service to prepare your packages for customs. The best part? This service is now offered for FREE to any country, making international shopping a breeze.

Much like Spainbox, they offer a destruction service at no extra cost, ensuring unwanted packages don’t clutter your space. For those who like to keep a close eye on their purchases, the inspection and photo service is available, giving you a visual confirmation of your items.


Shopogolic offers a Spanish shipping address in Villajoyosa, among other destinations in Europe like Germany and the UK.

Right off the bat, Shopogolic offers a virtual address service, charging for inbound orders. However, they stand out with their generous storage policy. Orders stored for under 60 days? Absolutely free. This aligns with Spainbox’s 30-day free storage, but it’s double the duration, giving shoppers ample time to consolidate their purchases. For those who need longer, there’s a monthly fee for orders stored over 60 days.

Speaking of consolidation, Shopogolic shines here by offering order consolidation and shipping at no extra charge. This is a significant advantage over Spainbox’s Standard plan, which doesn’t permit consolidation. It’s also a nod to shipping-address-spain.com’s similar service, but with Shopogolic, there’s no added cost.

For those who prefer a hands-off shopping experience, Shopogolic offers a shopping service in Spain. They handle the purchase, provide a visual check, and even reconcile the goods with the invoice, ensuring the order’s accuracy in terms of quantity, dimensions, and articles. All these services come with minimal fees, making it a hassle-free shopping experience.

When it comes to packaging, Shopogolic has a tiered system based on the parcel’s weight. This is a unique approach compared to the other two companies and offers flexibility depending on the shopper’s needs. They also provide additional services like parcel clearance from invoices and papers, extra photos of goods, and special packaging for fragile items. For those with oversized items or those looking to split large orders into parts, Shopogolic has provisions in place, ensuring every shopper’s need is catered to.

In summary, Shopogolic brings a fresh perspective to package forwarding with its comprehensive range of services. While Spainbox and shipping-address-spain.com have their merits, Shopogolic’s free consolidation, extended storage, and tiered packaging system make it a compelling choice for discerning international shoppers.