15 Online Shops that Deliver to Ireland

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on January 11, 2024

If you regularly shop online in Ireland, there’s a good chance that you do a good proportion of your online shopping with businesses overseas. Amazon, ASOS, Littlewoods – so many of the places that we shop at are based in the UK, or maybe as far away in the US. Even the companies that have a high street presence in Ireland – M&S, House of Fraser, and New Look – all tend to ship from the UK.

Thankfully, more and more businesses deliver to Ireland and some even offer free delivery and free returns. The following is just a small handful of some of the many shops that offer delivery to the Republic.


UK-based clothing website ASOS is one of the most popular go-to online shopping destinations for shoppers in Ireland. So, yes, ASOS ships to Ireland. Like Amazon, ASOS stocks everything: more than 80,000 different products in total, both for men and women. This includes everything from tops and jeans to shoes, lingerie, suits, and accessories.

ASOS also offers free delivery to Ireland (a small minimum spend applies). It also offers several different shipping options, including express and next day delivery.

Most importantly, though, ASOS offers free returns. While many companies deliver to Ireland, and some even offer free delivery, many make the customer pay to return items. This can be expensive for shoppers in Ireland, particularly when the shop is located in the UK or further afield like the United States.

Visit ASOS.com

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Amazon is, without doubt, the most popular online shopping site not just in Ireland but in the world. And it’s little wonder why either. It has everything you could ever need from books and DVDs to computers and electronics, clothing, and furniture. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you can find it on Amazon.

And Amazon delivers to Ireland as well. Well, generally anyway! Finding out that a product can’t be delivered to Ireland is still a common occurrence for many Irish shoppers, but it’s becoming less and less of a problem. Most products sold on Amazon.co.uk* can be delivered to Ireland and, these days, most sellers ship to Ireland as well – either for free or, often, with reasonable postage prices.

Visit Amazon.co.uk

* Most Irish shoppers shop at Amazon.co.uk, the UK arm of Amazon. It’s also possible to shop at Amazon.com, the US site. Products may be cheaper here, but postage is usually more expensive and you may also be liable for customs and import charges.


EBay started out as an auction site where you could buy secondhand CDs and video games or tickets to a concert. Although you can still buy plenty of secondhand items on eBay, these days more and more of the products listed seem to be brand new and sold by companies rather than individuals.

This can be really useful as, if Amazon won’t deliver the product you want, you can usually find a seller on eBay that will. Usually the sellers you find will be located in the UK or further afield like the US, but there are now also plenty of Irish sellers on eBay as well.

For overseas shoppers, eBay is probably easier to use than Amazon as you can easily set your location and only show products that can be shipped there. With Amazon, often it isn’t until you get to the checkout that you find out that the product can’t be shipped to you.

The downside to eBay is that the buyer is usually expected to pay the return postage if they decide that they don’t want the item. Amazon, in contrast, usually offers free returns as do an increasing number of retailers, especially those that are partnered with Parcel Motel and other similar distribution services.

Visit eBay.ie


Littlewoods, the UK catalogue company, delivers to Ireland through its Irish website: LittlewoodsIreland.com. Similar to Argos or Very.co.uk, the Littlewoods catalogue and its website contain a little bit of everything including clothing, sports equipment, beauty products, makeup, toys, gaming devices, and computers and electronics.

Orders are sent from the UK, and Littlewoods Ireland offers free standard deliver on all orders regardless of the order amount. Returns are also free, thanks to Littlewoods’ partnerships with Parcel Motel and Parcel Connect.

Visit LittlewoodsIreland.ie


Etsy is an online marketplace where anybody can set up a store and sell things that they’ve created. It’s a little like eBay, but with products that have been handmade instead.

You can find just about anything on Etsy, including furniture, toys, wall art, candles, perfume, and books. It’s also a fantastic destination to buy clothing, both handmade items and vintage or secondhand items.

Etsy sellers are based all over the world, and can choose which countries they ship to and how much they want to charge. Many sellers do ship to Ireland, and you can easily filter to only show companies that ship to Ireland in the options on the left-hand side of the page.

You can also filter to only show sellers in Europe. Although products from countries like China, India, and the US are likely to be cheaper, you do run the risk of having to pay customs and import fees when your order arrives at Irish customs. Sometimes it’s still cheaper to order from abroad and pay those fees, but many people like to avoid the hassle where possible.

Visit Etsy.com

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a US fashion retailer that specialises in affordable teen and young women’s fashions, although the store does offer clothing for men as well. Forever 21 is not quite as cheap as Penny’s, but it’s still a great place to pick up affordable clothing and accessories.

Although Forever 21 once had a presence in Ireland, shopping at Forever 21 from Ireland is now only possible through its website. Orders are shipped from the UK.

Visit Forever21.com/uk

MandM Direct

MandM Direct is a UK-based online shop that specialises in discounted brand name clothing. It stocks hundreds of different brands – everything from Adidas and Armani to Vero Moda, Weird Fish, and Zoo York – across hundreds of different clothing items including shoes, suits, jackets, and hoodies, as well as sporting products like football boots and tracksuits.

MandM Direct delivers to Ireland, along with 20+ other European countries. Free delivery is available (minimum spend applies).

Visit MandMDirect.ie


UK-based Missguided specialises in fashionable women’s clothing, particularly those between the ages of 16 and 35. Missguided stocks thousands of different clothing products including dresses, trousers, bodysuits, skirts, lingerie, nightwear, and shoes.

Free next day delivery is available (minimum spend applies) to shoppers in Ireland.

Visit Missguided.com/ie/

John Lewis

John Lewis is one of the most popular stores in Ireland, and one that many of us in Ireland have seen adverts for on British TV. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few British chains that hasn’t opened a store in Ireland yet. Thankfully, though, John Lewis delivers to Ireland.

Like Brown Thomas or Arnotts, John Lewis sells high-end clothing, homewares, appliances, designer makeup, electronics, and everything else you could ever need. Many of these products can be purchased from the Republic of Ireland and delivery, while unfortunately not free, costs just £7.50.

It really is a shame that there isn’t a John Lewis in Ireland yet. John Lewis is known for its outstanding customer service, highlighted by its slogan “never knowingly undersold.” If you find a product cheaper at any other bricks and mortar store in the UK (you can research prices online), John Lewis will pricematch.

Why shop at John Lewis and not the other shop? Because of John Lewis’ customer service, which typically includes a 2-year guarantee on most products.

Visit JohnLewis.com


If you’ve ever been to America, there’s a good chance you’ve stepped foot inside a Macy’s. There are hundreds of Macy’s stores across the US, with the most famous being in Herald Square in Manhattan, New York. Even if you’ve never been to the US, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the name through American TV programs and movies including Ocean’s Eleven and Miracle on 34th Street.

Macy’s deliver to more than 100 international countries worldwide including Ireland. It can be a great place to pick up discounted branded clothing, especially from brands that aren’t always easy to find in Ireland, particularly around Black Friday.

Visit Macys.com


Overstock are an American company that specialise in home decor and furnishing products like furniture and rugs, along with bedding, jewellery, men’s and women’s clothing, luggage and office supplies. Overstock initially sold stock that failing dot-com companies needed to sell, but these days it also sells a lot of new merchandise as well.

Most products sold on Overstock can be shipped to Ireland, including big items like mattresses and beds, dining tables and chairs, rugs, and outdoor furniture. Shipping items like these is expensive, obviously, but with the savings that you get from buying overseas it can be worth it. And, customs fees and taxes are included, so you don’t have to worry about getting a big bill from the Revenue office.

Visit Overstock.com

Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic is an online beauty products website that caters to both men and women offers everything from makeup and moisturisers to electricals like hair straighteners and dryers, perfume, and toothbrushes. It stocks an excellent range of brands that includes GHD, Redken, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and Urban Decay.

Standard delivery to Ireland is free on all orders, and tracked shipping is also available.

Visit LookFantastic.com


Although most Irish shoppers buy their laptop or computer parts at a shop like Amazon, PC World, or Harvey Norman, sometimes it’s necessary to shop somewhere else. This could be to get a better price, or simply because the specific product that you’re looking for is so hard to find.

Newegg is a California-based computers, computer parts, and electronics store that delivers to several countries worldwide including Ireland. It stocks thousands of different computer parts and accessories, as well as fitness trackers, mobile phones, tablets, and gaming devices.

Visit Newegg.com

Funky Pigeon

You’re probably already familiar with Moonpig.com, thanks to their very catchy jingle on British television, but you may not have heard of Funky Pigeon.

Funky Pigeon is very similar to Moonpig. Like Moonpig, you can customise fun cards online and get them sent to the recipient without ever having to visit the Post Office. The big difference between Moonpig and Funky Pigeon is that with Funky Pigeon you can send both cards and gifts to addresses in Ireland whereas Moonpig only allows you to send cards to Ireland.

So, if you’ve left a birthday or anniversary to the last minute and desperately need a customised mug, t-shirt, or box of chocolates, FunkyPigeon.com is the place to go.

Visit FunkyPigeon.com

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