7 Chinese Stores That Ship Internationally

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on September 5, 2023

The e-commerce landscape has witnessed a significant surge in Chinese online retailers making their mark on the global stage, and AliExpress is undoubtedly one of the most recognized names among them. However, AliExpress is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chinese online marketplaces catering to international audiences, especially the US. The rise of these platforms can be attributed to their vast array of affordable products, ranging from cutting-edge electronics and gadgets to everyday clothing and home essentials.

While luxury aficionados might not find their coveted high-end brands on these platforms, the appeal of Chinese online stores lies in their ability to offer value for money. These sites have become a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers and tech enthusiasts looking for the latest innovations without the hefty price tags. Moreover, with efficient logistics and shipping networks, these Chinese retailers ensure that American consumers have a seamless shopping experience, bringing a slice of the East’s vast market right to their doorsteps.


AliExpress stands as a titan in the realm of Chinese online marketplaces, holding the distinction of being not only the most recognized but also the largest in terms of revenue. Boasting earnings that exceed $55 billion, AliExpress overshadows many of its competitors, raking in over five times the revenue of platforms like eBay.

What sets AliExpress apart from giants like Amazon is its operational model. Rather than selling products directly, AliExpress serves as a bridge, connecting consumers with third-party sellers. While the majority of these vendors hail from China, the platform also hosts sellers from other South-East Asian nations. Shipping policies vary among sellers; many offer free shipping, albeit with longer delivery times. For those seeking expedited deliveries, options like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and other renowned international couriers are available, contingent on the seller’s offerings.

Of course, Aliexpress is the most well known Chinese marketplace and there are plenty of Aliexpress alternatives as well, which this article will explore.


Originating from China, this e-commerce giant primarily offers women’s apparel but has expanded its collection to include menswear and children’s clothing. Known for its incredibly affordable pricing, Shein has managed to capture the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. For instance, tops can start as low as $3.00, shoes from $5.00, and jeans beginning at $12.00. Such competitive pricing means that a dress on Shein could cost half as much as one from renowned brands like Zara.

The brand’s meteoric rise can be attributed to its ability to churn out new trends at an astonishing pace, outpacing even established fast-fashion giants like Zara and H&M. What sets Shein apart is its exclusive online presence, with no permanent brick-and-mortar stores, yet it stands as the world’s largest online-only fashion site. This digital-first approach resonates particularly well with Gen Z, with over 50% of Shein’s customers belonging to this demographic. A survey by Piper Sandler revealed that Shein ranks as the fifth most popular clothing brand among teens, trailing behind industry leaders like Nike and Lululemon.

However, while Shein’s affordability and vast collection are commendable, potential buyers should exercise caution regarding sizing. Given that Shein uses Asian sizing standards, it’s crucial to double-check measurements before making a purchase. Some reviews have highlighted issues with ill-fitting clothes, emphasizing the importance of being meticulous with size selection.

While Shein is headquartered in China, its primary market is international, shipping to over 200 countries with a significant focus on regions like Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Bang Good

stablished in 2004 and headquartered in Guangzhou, Banggood.com has rapidly risen to prominence in the e-commerce world. Initially focusing on foreign trade e-commerce, the platform has expanded its horizons to cater to a global audience, offering an extensive array of products that cater to almost every need. From the latest tech gadgets and electronics to fashionable clothing and intricate jewelry, Banggood has curated a vast selection to ensure every shopper finds what they’re looking for.

One of Banggood’s standout features is its commitment to quality and affordability. By sourcing products directly from manufacturers, the platform can offer items at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Every product undergoes rigorous quality testing before being dispatched, ensuring that customers receive only the best. Moreover, with frequent deals, discounts, and flash sales, shoppers can often snag their desired items at even more attractive prices.

Their mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, offers a seamless shopping experience.


Founded as a beacon of e-commerce, LightInTheBox.com stands out as one of China’s premier online shopping platforms. With its vast inventory, the site boasts over 60,000 diverse products, spanning 14 distinct categories. Whether you’re in the market for the latest fashion trends, cutting-edge electronics, dazzling jewelry, or even household and sporting goods, LightInTheBox promises a plethora of choices to cater to every shopper’s whim.

Having garnered the trust and loyalty of hundreds of millions of users worldwide, LightInTheBox’s global footprint is undeniable. The platform proudly serves customers in over 200 countries, a testament to its expansive reach and commitment to accessibility. In 2013, reflecting its significant impact and growth, LightInTheBox marked a pivotal moment by being listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This milestone not only solidified its position in the e-commerce realm but also underscored its dedication to offering high-quality products, swift deliveries, and unparalleled service.


GearBest, a prominent online marketplace, boasts a strong affiliation with the renowned smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi. This partnership enables GearBest to offer significant discounts on Xiaomi products, often surpassing the deals available in brick-and-mortar stores. But GearBest’s offerings don’t stop at smartphones. The platform has diversified its product range to cater to a broader audience, featuring dedicated sections for babies and children, home and garden essentials, electricals, appliances, and tools.

When it comes to shipping, GearBest provides a versatile approach to cater to the varied needs of its customers. They offer four distinct delivery methods: Priority, Registered, Unregistered, and Expedited Shipping. All these options are accessible to customers in the United States. For those who prioritize cost savings, GearBest offers a 40-day free unregistered shipping option. However, if speed is of the essence, the Expedited Shipping method, priced based on weight, ensures swift deliveries within three days to a week.

To further enhance the delivery experience, especially for unregistered shipments, GearBest operates several warehouses within the US. This strategic positioning not only accelerates the shipping process but also ensures that the products reach customers securely and in pristine condition.


Established in Beijing, DHgate.com stands tall as one of China’s pioneering and most prominent B2B online marketplaces, specializing in products manufactured within the country. Drawing parallels with the renowned Alibaba.com, DHgate serves as a bridge, primarily linking small to medium-sized suppliers with international buyers, thereby facilitating wholesale transactions for retailers across the globe.

What sets DHgate apart is its direct connection model. By eliminating intermediaries, the platform ensures that buyers can directly engage with suppliers. This direct interaction not only fosters competitive pricing but also guarantees an expansive array of products to choose from. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest electronics, trendy clothing, or even exquisite men’s watches, DHgate promises to offer these at astonishingly affordable rates.

Beyond just being a marketplace, DHgate simplifies the entire online purchasing process. From seamless international logistics to hassle-free payment methods, the platform ensures that every transaction is smooth, making it an ideal destination for those looking to tap into the vast and diverse range of products that China has to offer.


YesStyle stands out as a unique online fashion and lifestyle destination, offering a diverse range of products that cater to various style preferences. From childrenswear to menswear, womenswear, and even niche categories like maternity attire and cosplay costumes, YesStyle ensures that every fashion enthusiast finds something that resonates with their personal style.

The platform takes pride in showcasing popular brands, predominantly from Korea and Japan. YesStyle is a haven for those with a keen interest in Korean and Japanese fashion trends, as it dedicates specific sections to highlight the latest styles from these regions.

While YesStyle offers a plethora of choices and often has promotions for free shipping based on purchase amounts, customers should be mindful of the return policy. If you’re considering making a bulk purchase to avail of free shipping, be aware that returning items might come with the added cost of return shipping fees.