11 Aliexpress Alternatives For Online Shoppers To Try

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on September 5, 2023

Online shopping has truly transformed the way consumers access products from around the world. While China has been at the forefront of this revolution, with giants like AliExpress offering a vast array of goods at competitive prices, it’s not the only player in the game. As the global e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, several other countries have emerged as hubs for affordable and diverse products. Countries like India, Vietnam, and Turkey are now stepping into the spotlight, offering their unique blend of products that cater to both local and international tastes.

For shoppers looking to diversify their online buying experience or find alternatives to AliExpress, these countries present exciting new avenues. Whether it’s the intricate handicrafts of India, the tech-savvy offerings of Vietnam, or the stylish designs from Turkey, there’s a world of options waiting to be explored. Let’s delve into some of the top platforms from these regions that are giving AliExpress a run for its money.


Originating from China, Banggood is a direct competitor to AliExpress, offering a wide range of products from electronics and clothing to toys and jewelry. They pride themselves on quality assurance and often provide discounts and flash deals, making shopping even more affordable for consumers.


eBay stands as one of the pioneers in the e-commerce realm and remains a significant player in the global online shopping landscape. While it began as an auction site, it has since evolved into a platform where both individuals and businesses can sell new or used items outright.

A notable aspect of eBay is its vast number of sellers from around the world, particularly from China. These sellers offer a plethora of products, often at competitive prices, making eBay a viable alternative to platforms like AliExpress.

Moreover, eBay’s buyer protection program provides an added layer of security, ensuring that shoppers can make purchases with confidence. Whether you’re looking for unique vintage finds or brand-new electronics, eBay’s expansive marketplace is likely to have it.


GearBest is another Chinese-based online retailer that closely rivals AliExpress, especially when it comes to electronics and gadgets. They often feature competitive prices and frequent sales, making it a go-to for tech enthusiasts.


Another Chinese e-commerce giant, DHGate is similar to AliExpress in its vast product range. It’s particularly known for wholesale purchases, making it a favorite for small business owners and resellers. The platform emphasizes secure payments and reliable sellers.


As one of India’s largest online marketplaces, IndiaMART connects buyers with suppliers and manufacturers across various product categories. It’s an excellent platform for sourcing unique Indian products, from textiles and handicrafts to machinery and industrial goods.


Based in Singapore, Shopee has made significant inroads in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It offers a diverse range of products and is known for its user-friendly interface, regular promotions, and strong buyer protection policies. Shopee also has a presence in Vietnam, further solidifying its position in the Asian market.


Hailing from Turkey, Trendyol is one of the country’s leading e-commerce platforms. It offers a mix of fashion, electronics, and home goods, reflecting Turkey’s unique blend of European and Asian influences. The platform is known for its trendy offerings and often collaborates with local designers and brands to bring exclusive collections to shoppers. The website is available in English and ships to several European countries, including Germany, France, and the UK.


TaoBao is a giant in the Chinese e-commerce space, owned by Alibaba Group, the same company that owns AliExpress. It’s primarily a platform for Chinese consumers, but its vast array of products and sellers attracts international buyers too, especially those who are looking for unique finds and wholesale prices.


Wish has gained popularity worldwide for its incredibly low prices on a wide variety of items, from fashion to electronics. While it’s based in the U.S., many of its sellers are from China, offering products at competitive prices, albeit with longer shipping times.


Lazada is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, owned by the Alibaba Group. It serves various countries in the region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. With a vast range of products and local partnerships, it offers both international and local goods to its consumers.


Tiki.vn is Vietnam’s answer to online shopping platforms. It’s one of the country’s top e-commerce sites, offering a range of products from electronics and books to fashion and beauty products. With a focus on fast delivery and customer service, Tiki.vn has garnered a loyal customer base in Vietnam.