Does John Lewis ship to the US?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on December 4, 2023

John Lewis, a renowned British retailer known for its high-quality products ranging from home furnishings to electronics and fashion, unfortunately, does not offer shipping to the United States.

But, don’t fret: there is a solution. Even though John Lewis doesn’t offer shipping to the US, you can still use a UK-based package forwarding company such as to get your orders. Simply send your order to the package forwarding company, and they’ll ‘forward’ it onto you in the USA.

How it Works

Shopping at and using to forward your purchases to the US is a practical solution for those in the States wanting to access the British retailer’s wide array of products. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this process seamless:

  1. Sign Up with Forward2me: Firstly, create an account on Upon registration, you will be assigned a UK address. This address will be used for receiving your purchases from John Lewis.
  2. Shop on Visit and browse through their product categories. Once you’ve selected your items, proceed to checkout. Use the UK address provided by Forward2me as your delivery address when finalizing your purchase on John Lewis’s website.
  3. Inform Forward2me About Your Order: Although not always necessary, it’s a good practice to notify Forward2me about the expected delivery. This can usually be done through your account dashboard on their website.
  4. Manage Your Package: Once your order from John Lewis arrives at the Forward2me warehouse, you’ll receive a notification. Log into your Forward2me account to manage your package, where you can opt for services like package consolidation (combining several packages into one) for more economical shipping.
  5. Select Your Shipping Method: Forward2me will provide various shipping options to the US. Choose the option that best suits your budget and delivery time preference. The shipping cost will depend on the package’s weight and size, and the chosen delivery speed.
  6. Pay for Forwarding Services: You’ll need to pay Forward2me for the international shipping costs, and any additional services you might have chosen, such as package consolidation or insurance.
  7. Handle Customs and Duties: Forward2me will take care of the customs paperwork, but as the recipient, you will be responsible for any import duties and taxes levied by US customs.
  8. Track Your Package: Once your package is on its way, you can use the tracking number provided by Forward2me to monitor its journey to the US.
  9. Receive Your John Lewis Products: Finally, your package will arrive at your address in the United States. Now you can enjoy your John Lewis products without having to leave the country!

Remember, while using a package forwarding service allows you access to products from retailers like John Lewis that don’t ship to your country, it’s important to consider additional costs such as shipping, handling, and customs duties, as well as the potential increase in delivery time.


Certainly! If you’re in the United States and looking for retailers similar to John Lewis, which offers a mix of quality home goods, electronics, fashion, and more, here’s a list of alternative US-based retailers:

  1. Macy’s: Known for its wide range of products, including fashion, home decor, and kitchenware. Macy’s is a great alternative for those who appreciate John Lewis’s blend of quality and style.
  2. Nordstrom: Offers a variety of high-quality fashion, beauty products, and home goods. Nordstrom is particularly well-regarded for its customer service, similar to the reputation John Lewis holds in the UK.
  3. Crate & Barrel: Offers contemporary furniture, home decor, and kitchenware. Known for its stylish and modern designs, it’s a great choice for those who enjoy the home furnishing styles available at John Lewis.
  4. Williams-Sonoma: Renowned for its high-quality kitchenware and home furnishings. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate the more upscale home products offered by John Lewis.
  5. Pottery Barn: Specializes in upscale home furnishings, decor, and outdoor furniture. It’s a good match for shoppers seeking the sophisticated home styling that John Lewis is known for.
  6. Bloomingdale’s: Offers a wide range of high-end fashion, home goods, and beauty products. For those who appreciate the more luxurious side of John Lewis, Bloomingdale’s is a comparable alternative.
  7. West Elm: Known for its modern furniture and home decor. West Elm is a go-to for those who are drawn to John Lewis’s contemporary home furnishing styles.
  8. CB2: Offers modern and trendy furniture and home decor. It’s a great alternative for younger shoppers or those seeking more contemporary designs, akin to some of John Lewis’s modern collections.

Each of these retailers provides a unique shopping experience and product range, catering to different tastes and needs but collectively serving as excellent alternatives to John Lewis for US shoppers.

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