Does The Works Offer International Shipping?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on December 12, 2023

If you’re asking, “Does The Works deliver internationally?” it’s important to note that The Works, a popular UK-based retailer known for books, arts and crafts supplies, toys, and stationery, currently limits its shipping to the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and BFPO (British Forces Post Office) addresses. Unfortunately, for shoppers outside these areas, The Works does not offer broader international shipping options. For more information on their delivery and returns policy, you can visit The Works’ Delivery and Returns page.

Navigating International Shipping Restrictions

For those outside the UK and Ireland who wish to purchase from The Works, a package forwarding service can be a viable solution. One such service is Forward2me, which allows customers to shop from UK stores and have their items shipped to their international address.

How to Use a Package Forwarding Service:

  1. Sign Up: Register with a package forwarding service like Forward2me to receive a UK shipping address.
  2. Shop Online: Place your order on The Works’ website, using the UK address provided by the forwarding service.
  3. Forwarding Your Parcel: Once your order arrives at the UK address, the forwarding service will ship it to your international address.
  4. Customs and Import Charges: Be aware that customs and import charges may apply and are typically the responsibility of the recipient.

Note that while most items can be shipped using such a service, restrictions may apply to certain products. Always check the service’s terms and conditions.

Alternative Stores Similar to The Works

For international customers looking for alternatives to The Works, here are some options:

  • Amazon: Offering a vast selection of books, art supplies, and more, Amazon ships to numerous international locations.
  • Book Depository: Known for its extensive range of books with free worldwide shipping.
  • Hobbycraft: Another UK-based retailer specializing in arts and crafts supplies, which may offer international shipping.

About The Works

The Works is a well-loved retail chain in the UK, famous for its extensive range of discounted books, art and craft materials, gifts, toys, and stationery. Established in 1981, the company has grown to become a staple for budget-conscious shoppers, educators, and craft enthusiasts.

  • Diverse Product Range: The Works offers a diverse range of products catering to readers, artists, and hobbyists.
  • Affordable Prices: Known for its competitive pricing, The Works makes books and craft supplies accessible to a wide audience.
  • Store Presence: With over 500 stores across the UK, The Works has a significant brick-and-mortar presence in addition to its online store.

While The Works’ current shipping policy may limit its international reach, its vast selection and affordable prices make it a desirable shopping destination for those in the UK and Ireland, and potentially for international customers through package forwarding services.

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