The Best US-Based Package Forwarding Services

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When it comes to online shopping, nowhere does it better than the US. It’s home to the world’s largest Amazon store, the largest eBay marketplace, and hundreds of great stores that sadly don’t ship worldwide like BestBuy and Walmart.

Thankfully, there are package forwarding services. These companies provide you with an address in the US so that you can shop at any one of these stores, and have your packages forwarded onto you in Australia, India, Canada, Germany – wherever you are in the world.

The following are the most popular parcel forwarding services in the US. We’ve also written about the best parcel forwarding services in the UK and in Australia.


Established in 1997, MyUS is one of the longest-running parcel forwarding companies in the United States. During that time, MyUS have forwarded more than 16 million packages from US companies to customers all over the world.

Those who shop with MyUS can now also save 7% on purchases at US stores thanks to MyUS’s tax-free postcode, making it one of the most popular package forwarding services in the US.

MyUS offers two styles of memberships: a free membership and a paid-premium membership for those that regularly buy from US online stores. There’s also the mail addon, which allows you to use your MyUS address as a mailbox and have it forwarded onto you wherever you are in the world.



Launched in 2009, Shipito have quickly become one of the most popular parcel forwarding services in the US. Shipito offers customers both an address in the US and an address in the EU, with several different locations to choose from in the US. Like many other companies, Shipito offers both a free and premium membership.



Viabox is one of the cheapest package forwarding services in the US. Many of the services that other companies charge for, or only offer in their premium membership, Viabox offers for free. Examples of this include their consolidation service (combining multiple orders in one box to reduce costs) and repackaging costs (repackaging your order into a smaller box to reduce shipping costs). There’s also no sales tax to pay when using their Oregon warehouse, which reduces the cost of your shop by around 7%.



Stackry is a small, but growing, parcel forwarding service that offers shoppers around the world an address in Nashua, USA. You may not have heard of Nashua before, but all you need to know is that Nashua is a tax-free zone – allowing you to save roughly 7% on your initial shopping costs.



Parcl is unique in that it’s not a company like the others listed here. Instead it’s a community of people around the world who receive packages on other people’s behalf and then send them on. That doesn’t mean people do it for free, of course, but, because members set their own rates, it can be cheaper than using a normal package forwarding service.



USendHome gives shoppers around the world an address in New Jersey. The company doesn’t really offer any different benefits or features to any of the other companies listed here, but it’s always good to have options.



Note: Borderlinx have suspended their service due to problems with couriers.


Have you used any of the services above (or one that we haven’t mentioned) to shop with an online store in the US. Let us know your thoughts, reviews, and feedback, by leaving a comment below.

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