Let’s Compare: 2 Best Package Forwarding Services In Ireland

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on September 1, 2023

Ireland, with its rich heritage and vibrant culture, has always been a hub for unique products and brands. From the iconic Dunnes Stores to the ever-popular Penny’s, there’s a plethora of shopping options that cater to both locals and the global Irish diaspora. And let’s not forget the gastronomic delights! Who wouldn’t want to savor the authentic taste of Tayto Crisps or indulge in other quintessential Irish treats? However, when it comes to package forwarding services, Ireland presents a slightly different landscape. Unlike many other countries, like the UK and US, Ireland doesn’t have a vast array of package forwarding companies. This is primarily because the majority of Irish shoppers are keen on purchasing products from abroad, especially from regions like the UK, Germany, and the US, and having them delivered to Ireland.

For those living outside Ireland but yearning for a slice of its offerings, the limited package forwarding services might pose a challenge. However, we’ve done our best to track down any package forwarding companies that operate inside the Republic of Ireland.


Born out of a genuine need, Irish Parcels was the brainchild of Paul Stewart, who, as a business owner in Ireland, identified a significant gap in the shipping options available for both businesses and local users in Ireland. To address this challenge, Paul established Irish Parcels, offering a solution that has since become a trusted name in the shipping industry.

Irish Parcels stands out not just for its origin story but for the incredible value it offers its customers. Users can enjoy up to an 80% discount compared to direct courier rates, making it an economical choice for many.

But it’s not just about cost savings; the company prides itself on exceptional customer service. With dedicated call support that boasts an average answer time of just 4 rings and availability through various channels, including phone, email, and a 7-day live chat, customers are never left in the lurch. The team at Irish Parcels brings over 60 years of combined shipping experience to the table, ensuring expertise in every transaction. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their impressive 86% rating from over 1,000 reviews.

Additionally, they offer a generous free €50 compensation on all shipments, and for those who top up over €100, there’s an extra 5% discount.


For those seeking a more permanent solution for their international shopping needs, Expatpost.ie offers a unique service that goes beyond the typical package forwarding. With Expatpost, customers receive a virtual mailbox that comes with an authentic Dublin street address. This isn’t just any address; it’s one that’s widely accepted for correspondence with major institutions like banks, building societies, card issuers, insurance and utility companies, and even government entities like HMRC, Companies House, and the Passport Office. This makes it especially valuable for those who need to maintain a consistent address for official purposes, even while they’re abroad.

But Expatpost isn’t just about official correspondence. It’s also a shopper’s dream, particularly for those residing outside of Ireland. When you shop online from retailers like eBay and Amazon, your purchases, whether they’re letters, packets, or parcels weighing up to a substantial 20Kg, are delivered to your designated Mail Centre.

Once there, they’re sorted and stored securely in your mailbox. Through a secure online control panel, you can then instruct Expatpost on how and when to either scan or physically forward your items to any location worldwide. The best part? Expatpost doesn’t charge any forwarding fees; customers only cover the cost of the onward postage. However, shoppers should be aware there’s an annual service fee of €435, which is accompanied by a €20 postage fund credit.

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