6 Furniture Stores That Offer International Shipping

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on January 9, 2022

While many online stores – particularly clothing and electronic stores – ship internationally, it’s hard to find furniture stores that do.

The reason for that is probably to do with the size, shape, and weight of most pieces of furniture. For many items, it’s not as simple as wrapping them and sticking them in the post: you’ll need to arrange delivery through a specialist courier or even a shipping company.

You can get around these restrictions by using a package forwarding company, of course, but, even before you look at that, here are a few major retailers that will ship furniture overseas.


Whether it’s furniture for the house or garden furniture, Overstock.com has everything you need – and they ship internationally to over 180 countries and US territories. And, not only do they ship overseas, but the international stores will also show you how much you owe in customs tariffs and taxes as well as other costs.

Some items can’t be shipped, unfortunately, but the list of items that can be shipped is much, much larger than most other stories.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond stocks a wide selection of furniture and household items, including bedding, cookware, and gifts, along with furniture for the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and throughout the house.

And, the good news is that many of BB&B’s products can be shipped international – to the more than 225 countries that they ship to.

Good’s Home Furnishings

Based in North Carolina, Good’s Home Furnishings stock furniture for just about every room in the house – from the bedroom to the home office, and everywhere in between. They stock a range of popular US furniture brands including Baker Furniture, Bernhardt Furniture, and Century Furniture.

Not only do they ship around the world, but they also have a specialist international sales team that are there to help you with every step of your international order.


A household brand in the UK, DFS is one of the world’s largest sofa specialist retailers. But they’re no longer just limited to the UK: DFS ship to several countries in Europe, including Holland, France, Portugal, and mainland Spain.

Sweet Pea and Willow

Based in London, Sweet Pea and Willow is a UK luxury furniture brand that stocks high quality beds, sofas, desks, mirrors, and more. Some of the brands they stock include Handmade in London, Eichholtz, and Abhika.

Sweet Pea and Willow ship internationally, and you get a quote for international shipping by filling out the form here.


While Amazon does ship a lot of products internationally, unfortunately the list of furniture products that they ship around the world is quite limited. Still that list includes mattresses, beds, tables, and chairs, so it’s always worth a look as shopping internationally with Amazon is always fairly straightforward.

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