Can I Get My Amazon Order Delivered to an Airbnb?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on September 6, 2023

Airbnb has revolutionized the way we travel, offering unique and personalized accommodations around the world. But what if you need to receive a package during your stay? Specifically, can Amazon deliver to your Airbnb? The answer is yes, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

1. Communication is Key: Before placing an order, always communicate with your Airbnb host. While many hosts are accommodating, it’s essential to get their permission first. They may have specific guidelines or preferences about receiving packages, especially if they’ve had issues in the past.

2. Consider the Duration of Your Stay: If you’re only staying for a short period, there’s a risk that your order might not arrive on time. This could leave your host with the responsibility of handling your package after you’ve left. It’s best to order items with ample time for delivery, especially if you’re staying for just one or two nights.

3. Access to the Letterbox: For smaller items that fit in a mailbox, remember that you might not have access to the host’s letterbox. Some hosts might not provide guests with a key, especially if it’s a shared property.

4. Deliveries Before Arrival: Receiving packages before your check-in date can be tricky. While some hosts might be okay with this, especially if they reside on the property, it’s crucial to ask in advance. They may have concerns about disturbing other guests or might not be available to receive the package on your behalf. If you want an Amazon package to arrive before you do, consider using Amazon Lockers (see below) or stay at a hotel instead.

5. Addressing Residence Concerns: A valid concern for some Airbnb hosts is guests using their property address to claim it as their place of residence. This could be for reasons like registering a credit card or other official documentation. Always reassure your host that the delivery is a one-time occurrence and not for any ulterior motives.

Using Amazon Lockers: A Convenient Alternative for Airbnb Guests

When staying at an Airbnb, receiving packages can sometimes be a hassle. However, Amazon offers a convenient solution for travelers and those on the move: Amazon Lockers. These self-service kiosks are designed to allow customers to receive or return Amazon orders at locations that are often more accessible than a residential address.

How to Use Amazon Lockers:

  1. Finding a Locker:
    • Before placing your order, you can find the nearest Amazon Locker location by going to the Amazon website or app and searching for “Amazon Locker locations.”
    • Enter the city or zip code of your current location or where you’ll be staying. Amazon will display a list of available Locker locations, often situated in stores, malls, or other public places.
  2. Shipping to a Locker:
    • Once you’ve selected your desired items on Amazon, proceed to checkout.
    • During the shipping address selection, choose “Amazon Locker” and pick the location you’ve identified.
    • Continue with the checkout process as usual.
  3. Receiving Your Package:
    • After your package is delivered to the chosen Locker, you’ll receive an email notification with a unique pickup code.
    • Visit the Amazon Locker location, enter your pickup code on the Locker’s touchscreen, and a compartment will open, allowing you to retrieve your package.
    • Remember, packages delivered to an Amazon Locker must be picked up within three days. If not, the item will be returned, and you’ll be issued a refund.
  4. Returning Items:
    • Amazon Lockers can also be used for returns. Simply start a return on the Amazon website or app, select the Locker drop-off option, and follow the provided instructions.

Benefits of Using Amazon Lockers:

  • Convenience: Especially for travelers or those without a permanent address, Lockers offer a secure and accessible location for package retrieval.
  • Flexibility: With many Locker locations offering extended hours, you can pick up your package at a time that suits you.
  • Privacy: If you’re ordering sensitive or personal items, Lockers provide an added layer of privacy, ensuring your order is kept confidential.