The Best German Package Forwarding Companies

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If you’re a regular online shopper, you may spot deals in Germany or other EU countries that are just too good to miss. Or maybe there’s a product that you want to buy from Germany, a country that’s known for producing excellent quality products. And we don’t just mean sausages and beer (although they do excel in both those areas). No, Germany is actually known for producing excellent quality knives, cars, slippers, chocolate, and, of course, Birkenstock shoes.

If you can’t get a German (or EU) website to ship to you or the shipping costs are too expensive, consider using a package forwarding company instead. These companies provide you with a virtual address where you can send your order. Then, they’ll forward it (or re-ship it) onto you.

Below you’ll find examples of some of the best German package forwarding companies.



Forward2Me started out as a UK-based company, but they now offer virtual mailing addresses in several parts of the world, including Germany. There’s no cost to create an account and send your order, and it’s also free to combine multiple orders into one package. The website has a pricing calculator where you can work out how much it’ll cost to forward your order(s) onto you wherever you are in the world.



MyGermany is another popular option for those that want to shop at German and EU websites. There is a €1 membership fee, but this is refunded later on. It’s generally free to have a package received on your behalf, and you can estimate the cost of forwarding the package with various couriers on MyGermany’s website.



ShipGerman is a Bavarian-based parcel forwarding company. Membership is free and the company has an upfront pricing model, depending on the size of the package that you’re shipping. You can compare shipping costs with a number of couriers, including the budget-friendly option of shipping with Deutsche Post (the German postal service).

Website offers a free address in Germany. The website has a shipping calculator where you can compare the cost across multiple options, including Deutsche Post as well as couriers like UPS.

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