The Best UK Parcel Forwarding Companies

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Have you ever been shopping on Amazon or another online retailer, only to find that the item you want can’t be shipped to Ireland? Or, worse, they will ship to Ireland but the delivery costs are astronomical.

It happens a lot, and often there’s no good reason for it. Despite Ireland being 50 miles from the UK (Holyhead to Dublin is just 50 miles), and despite the fact that most UK companies already deliver to Northern Ireland, it’s often incredibly difficult to shop online at many UK and international websites.

Parcel forwarding companies solve this problem by providing you with an address in the UK. They receive your package at their UK address, and then post (or forward) your delivery onto you at your address in Ireland. The additional cost to you: whatever the company charges for postage and handling.

The UK has some of the best online shopping in the world, and there are now several parcel forwarding companies that offer this service. Many, like Forward2me, allow you to send your delivery to almost anywhere in the world, while some companies like Parcel Motel only operate in Ireland.

We’ve put together a list of a few of these companies, allowing you to compare and see which is the best option for you.

UK-Based Forwarding Companies

The following are some of the most popular UK-based parcel forwarding companies. To give you an estimate of pricing, we checked to see how much it would cost to forward a small 2 kg package to Ireland.

Some companies like Parcel Motel and An Post’s Address Pal only offer their own delivery service. Others, like Forward2me and Forwardvia, offer several different couriers. To keep things simple with companies like Forward2me, we chose the cheapest option. This option was typically the slowest – most also had more expensive couriers that would deliver the order within a couple of days.

This is by no means a definitive price comparison, hence why the companies aren’t listed in order of who’s cheapest. Some companies are very cheap for small packages, for example, but significantly more expensive for larger and heavier items, while others are much better value for larger, bulkier items.


Forward2me are one of the largest UK-based parcel forwarding companies. They ship to more than 200 different countries, including to Ireland. There is no annual fee, you simply pay as and when you use the service.

  • Cheapest Estimate: £19.85 + VAT with untracked carrier (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated Time: 8 business days


Parcl is an online community of more than 12,000 “forwarders” and “shoppers” where anyone can sign up to receive packages on behalf of someone else. “Forwarders” set their own fees and have ratings based on people who have shopped with them before.

Let’s say there’s an item that you want to buy from a British website, but the company will only ship to an address in the UK. Simply go on Parcl, find someone who’s based in the UK, and have the order shipped to them. Once they receive the order, they will then send it onto you.

As forwarders can set their own shipping fees, Parcl is probably going to be the parcel forwarding service that offers the best value for money on this list.

  • Cheapest Estimate: £19.85 + VAT with untracked carrier (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated Time: 8 business days

Parcel Motel

Parcel Motel is a parcel forwarding company that specialises in the Republic of Ireland. The company provides you with an address in Northern Ireland. They then receive your order and deliver it to you in the Republic of Ireland.

While most companies deliver to your door, Parcel Motel typically delivers to a Parcel Motel locker (delivery to your door is also available). There are Parcel Motel lockers all over Ireland – especially in garages, train stations, mini supermarkets, and other businesses that are open throughout the day.

  • Cheapest Estimate: €3.95 (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated Time: 2-3 working days


Borderlinx is one of the largest parcel forwarding companies in the world. As well as an address in the UK, Borderlinx can also offer you an address in Ohio in the United States, Frankfurt in Germany, and Hong Kong.

  • Cheapest Estimate: £45.44 (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated Time: 2-3 working days

AddressPal by An Post

AddressPal is a service offered by An Post that provides you with a postal address in the UK or the United States. Packages can either be delivered directly to your door, or to your nearest Post Office for collection.

  • Cheapest Estimate: €5.99 (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated Time: 3-5 working days

My UK Mailbox

My UK Mailbox is an parcel forwarding company based in Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Like the other companies listed here, My UK Mailbox provides you with an address in the UK and then forwards your items onto you. The company offers different pricing plans, depending on how frequently you plan to use the service.

  • Cheapest Estimate: £28.20 (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated Time: 7-28 working days

Forward Via

ForwardVia is a UK forward company based in Southampton in the South of England. Like Forward2me and other parcel forwarding companies, they ship to hundreds of countries worldwide (including Ireland).

  • Cheapest Estimate: £21.25 with Royal Mail International (2 kg package 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm)
  • Estimated time: 4+ weeks

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