Package Forwarding Companies Based in Canada

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on January 10, 2022

You may be wishing you had an address in Canada. Maybe you’ve found a special offer on, but it isn’t available on Amazon in your own country? Or, perhaps it’s a local store that’s only available in Canada? Either way, getting it delivered to your own country could be expensive (if it’s even possible).

That’s where a package forwarding company comes in. These are companies that will provide you with an address in Canada where you can have your package sent and then they’ll forward that package to you wherever you are in the world.

The following are a few of the most popular parcel forwarding services in Canada.



Calling itself ‘Canada’s Affordable Global Express Parcel Forwarder.’ ShipByMail is a popular choice for many international shoppers. Sending your order to ShipByMail is free, although there are costs to ship your order which you can estimate using the website’s shipping estimator. There are usually several postal services available, both standard and express post and courier services.



Reship offers virtual addresses in Canada, the US, and UK. Reship charges a one-time activation fee, but has a free membership option for those that only want to use the service occasionally. There are also membership options for those that regularly shop at Canadian websites and members can benefit from discounted handling fee charges and discounted rates.

Website offers a mailing address in Canada for online shoppers. There’s a one-time activation fee, which varies depending on which membership plan you opt for. Local pickup is available for those that simply want an address they can use in a similar way to an Amazon mailbox.

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