Does Amazon Deliver to Ireland?

By Shopaholic James / Last modified on August 15, 2023

Amazon is one the top 10 most visited websites in Ireland – and that list includes the likes of Facebook and Youtube as well. In terms of selection and price, it’s fair to say that no other retailer in Ireland comes even remotely close to offering what Amazon offers.

This is all despite the fact that there isn’t an Amazon Ireland. There’s an, sure, but that redirects to, Amazon’s UK website. is the Amazon that most Irish people use, although some people use Amazon America (.com) if they can’t find what they’re looking for on Amazon UK.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about shopping at Amazon (and getting your order delivered to your home in Ireland). In it, we answer a few commonly asked questions about free delivery, returns, Amazon Prime, and what to do when a seller doesn’t ship to Ireland.

Essential info

  • Ships from: UK (if using Amazon UK)
  • Prices in Euro: No, on Amazon UK prices are in £
  • Free delivery: Yes, for orders over £25
  • Delivery estimate: 3-5 days average
  • Payment methods: Amazon Gift Card, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, and Delta

Is Amazon UK the best Amazon to use?

Yes, is typically the best Amazon site to use for a number of reasons.

Firstly, of all the European websites (,,, and it generally has the best selection and the lowest prices.

Amazon USA ( is the only site that has a better selection and lower prices, but it has the added complication of customs. Buying goods from outside the EU means you may be liable to pay customs duty on them, while products purchased within the EU aren’t liable for customs duty. Some goods manage to get through without any bother – books, for example, often do – but don’t expect to be able to buy a new iPhone from America without the lads at customs spotting it.

Secondly, and a big factor in what makes the cheapest, is shipping costs. Amazon UK offers free shipping on a number of products (see details below). Where free delivery is not available, delivery costs tend to be more affordable than Amazon’s other European websites.

And while Amazon UK offers free shipping on many products, Amazon’s other EU websites do not offer free shipping to Ireland at all. The starting price for delivery to Ireland is usually somewhere around €8, although costs vary depending on what’s being shipped.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times to Ireland vary depending on the seller: Amazon holds many products in stock, but some are shipped directly from the seller. Where Amazon holds the product in stock, it’s much easier to get a decent estimate of delivery time.

For products that are shipped by Amazon, such as a Kindle or a product that they hold in their warehouse, the standard quoted time seems to be 5-6 days. It’s not uncommon to see longer delivery periods quoted, but as long as the product is dispatched after it’s ordered it shouldn’t take much longer than a week.

According to Amazon UK, delivery times are estimated at:

  • Free Delivery is normally 3-5 days
  • Standard Delivery is normally 4 days
  • Priority Delivery is normally 2 days

How do I get free delivery?

To qualify for free delivery, all you need to do is:

  • Order £25 or more worth of eligible products that are dispatched by Amazon.

Two key points are underlined there. First of all, the products have to be eligible. That’s not a very helpful phrase, being honest, and it’s usually not until you add it to your basket that you’ll know whether it’s eligible or not.

Second of all, the products have to be dispatched by Amazon as opposed to a private seller. While many sellers offer free shipping to UK customers, most don’t offer free shipping to customers in the Republic of Ireland. This is understandable, as the cost of shipping to Ireland is likely to be higher than shipping to an address in the UK. To get the free shipping, the product has to be something that Amazon themselves have in stock.

The easiest way to determine if something is going to have free delivery or not: add it to your basket.

Which products ship to Ireland?

On Amazon UK, most products can be delivered to Ireland. The easiest way to see if a product can be shipped to Ireland is to add it to your basket, go to the checkout, and then see.

On some products, particularly those that are sold by Amazon, it’s a little easier and you’ll see a message that says “This item can be delivered to your selected dispatch location in Ireland.” Or, if it can’t be delivered to Ireland, you’ll see: “This item does not ship to Ireland.”

amazon won't ship to Ireland message
Typical message when Amazon won’t ship an item to Ireland

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it’s not always that easy and you just have to add it to your basket and see.

Amazon won’t ship a product to me

If at the checkout you find out that Amazon (or a seller on Amazon) won’t ship to Ireland, don’t fret. There are a couple of options.

The first option is to check if anyone else sells the same product and whether or not they deliver to Ireland. Back on the page of the product itself, you may see the words “Other Sellers on Amazon.” If that’s the case, click the link to see if any of these sellers will ship to Ireland.

Again, often the easiest way to check whether they deliver to Ireland and how much it’s going to cost is simply to add the item to your basket. (Alternatively, you can click the ‘delivery rates’ link).

How do I return an item to Amazon?

Amazon UK has a fantastic returns policy, and look after their customers in Ireland exceptionally well. The same is true with many Amazon Marketplace sellers.

Your Amazon order will come with a pre-paid An Post shipping label for you to return your order. If it didn’t, or if you’ve lost it, you will need to get in touch with Amazon UK customer services.

Are there any Irish alternatives to Amazon?

Amazon is a huge company, and no Irish company comes close to offering the same selection and prices. Actually, no British or American companies come close either. While it’s possible to buy many products from an Irish retailer, there isn’t an obvious direct alternative to Amazon.

If you’re concerned about delivery times and want to get the product in your hands sooner, consider shopping at Argos (either instore or at

What’s Parcel Motel?

If you’re unable to get your Amazon order delivered to your home or your work, you can get them sent to a Parcel Motel locker instead. Parcel Motel lockers are open 24/7, which is extremely convenient, and using this service saves you have to traipse down to pick up your order if you miss the delivery. There are Parcel Motels throughout Ireland, and you can check on their website to see if there’s one near you.

Parcel Motel is not owned by Amazon and, unfortunately, Parcel Motel is also not free (although they do offer free returns to Amazon). Prices start from €3.95 per parcel.

What’s Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video is a video-streaming service (a little like Netflix) where you can watch movies and TV shows. As of 2017, this is now available in Ireland.

Amazon Prime is a little different. It’s a subscription service (that includes Amazon Prime Video) that allows you to get free next day delivery on a lot of items sold by Amazon UK. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in Ireland currently.

Have you used Amazon to order products to Ireland? What was your experience? Leave a review and let other shoppers know. 

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